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Axle Load Control

This function is not directly related to fuel monitoring, but it relates fuel information to vehicle load. Thus, the user receives separate information about the fuel consumption of an empty and loaded car. In addition, GPS tracking and vehicle tracking systems receive valuable information about the location and time of car loading and unloading, which is necessary for efficient fleet management. Axle load information helps avoid overload fines and drop short reinsurance shipments.


Load control is a very important function. Currently, we are the only company on the market to offer a real-time cargo weight tracking system. Our system is a combination of a very precise sensor which communicates with the tracker on board the vehicle and which can send its data via the GPRS network. This allows you to track the usage of your mobile assets in real time and compare with customer statements. On the other hand, you are informed of any exceeding of the load threshold authorized by the authorities for each type of vehicle.

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