Tracking Africa Systems

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NozzleCrocodile is used in vehicle telematics and in GPS tracking systems for monitoring the fuel consumption of personal cars and small commercial vehicles.

NozzleCrocodile reads the control pulses from the engine injector wires (nozzle) and converts them to normalized pulses, which are sent to the data processing unit. The number of pulses sent is directly proportional to the volume of fuel consumed.


Small Utility Vehicle Fuel and Gas Consumption Control

Safe connection to nozzle control wires

NozzleCrocodile reads signals through the wire insulation without damaging the wires. Contactless readers have no influence on the signals of the control cables.

Operation without presetting

NozzleCrocodile is a ready-to-use pulse counter, which does not require any prior configuration: no maintenance kit, no maintenance software.

Universal pulse output

NozzleCrocodile can be connected to almost any telematics unit or display equipped with a pulse counter.

Message loss level at 250 Kbps,%, no more




Nominal supply voltage, V

                            Cable length

Ambient operating temperature, 0C

 -40… + 85

Cable types


The supply voltage can be 5 V, the cable can be any length – by special order.