Tracking Africa Systems

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Tracker for People

If you like them : protect them  !

For children

In the past, it was perfectly acceptable to allow your children to roam freely around the neighborhood without supervision. Parents usually set a curfew for dinner, and the kids had to come back when the time was right. The world is no longer so forgiving; at least it doesn’t seem to be anymore.

Every day we hear stories of children and adults kidnapped, missing or involved in some sort of accident. As a parent you can feel safe with your child with our GPS tracker

For the elderly.

You know that you can devote time to your responsibilities without worrying about the safety of parents or grandparents, just as we provide full supervision of the children; We provide aftercare services for the elderly.

Often, the elderly find it difficult to understand the roads. Even at this age they become confused and unfamiliar with the surroundings or may have certain health emergencies, in such a situation they can get immediate help through aftercare services.

For women

It is difficult for a woman to feel safe. But with this tracker, your family members can be in touch with you whether you are at home or away. You could be quickly locate, monitor, or call them back if you are in danger.

Product Features

Communication : You can talk to your loved ones through this device. It works like a phone, a watch and a GPS.

Panic button : If your child is having trouble, they can press the panic button and call the primary contact for help and give you information about their location.

1 Minute Updates : See what your kids have been up to with the logs that enter data every 1 minute.

Multiple contact list : set up multiple contacts that will be alerted if your child is in trouble.

Recovery : If your child is away, you can get live updates and projections on which direction they are in.

Safe Zone : Set designated areas your child is allowed to enter and be alerted if they stray from those areas.

TrackingAfrica App : you can track and keep in touch with your phone Long battery life : this lithium battery is designed to work