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SENEGAL: (+221) 76 601 42 42 MALI: (+223) 82 00 03 06 MAURITANIA:(+222) 44 14 44 44 INDIA: (+91) 98 18 32 6440 MOROCCO: (+212) 66 611 21 52


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Les voleurs de carburants sont équipés et organisés et vous ?

La hausse des prix du carburant vous tracassent ?

Tracker personnel,
pour les surveiller
ou qu’ils soient …

Un contrôle permanent
de votre flotte automobile ?



(+221) 76 601 42 42
(+221) 33 864 67 77

(+223) 82 00 03 06
(+223) 44 39 75 10

(+222) 44 14 44 44

(+91) 98 18 32 64 40

 Fuel level detector

The fuel level is designed to allow precise measurements of the fuel level in all kinds of tanks, also in tanks of fixed installations.

 Vehicle geolocation

Installed on vehicles all over the world, Tracking Africa Systems’ trackers have passed the test of time (since 2004) and endurance tests with great success.

 Tracking Software

Tracking software for different types of vehicles: highway and city trucks, buses, road construction machines, industrial and agricultural tractors, technological transport.

  Smart alerts

Choose to receive your notifications by email and / or sms

(10 messages / month included).

These alerts inform you:

  • Movements of your trucks 24 hours a day
  • Speed ​​limit violations
  • Lower Battery Level
  • Arrival or Departure of your vehicle in the places that constitute your Points of Interest
  • The maintenance period of your vehicles (oil change, tire change, oil or other parts, etc.)
  • The renewal of your administrative documents (insurance, vignette … expiration of the driver’s license.


The information related to your vehicle and its geolocation belongs only to you. We respect your privacy and all information regarding your security

Activity Area

 Truck transport
 School transportation

Why Choose Tracking Africa Systems?

  • More than 10 years rich experience in vehicle positioning service, Fuel management and Axle load sensors.
  • 10+ Brilliant R&D staff
  • Competitive Pricing with best product in West Africa.
  • Leader in fuel management and fleet management in west Africa
  • We believe in better service and take care of our client as our partners.
  • Best in after sales support. 24/7 support desk.
  • We have strong experience working in west Africa area with local staff.
  • Well trained and skilled technical staff.
  • Working in Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, Cote d’Ivoire and Morocco.
  • Mobile App and software development centre in India.
  • More than 1000 satisfied clients.
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
  • 20+ Invention partners of GPS positioning and Fuel Sensors.
Track Anything

Easily track your car, bike, kids, husband,
wife,pet etc.

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Even Track Your Small Fleet

Software is suitable for any type of
business or industry.

Powerful Tracking With Ease

Use the most useful tracking features:
geofencing, alerts, driving behaviour and
fuel monitoring, etc.

They trust us

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