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Fuel level detector

The Fuel Level Sensor is designed to allow remote and accurate viewing of the volume of fuel in all kinds of tanks (mobile or stationary.)
DU-E is used as a standard fuel level sensor or as a additional sensor for use with AVL, FMS, tank monitoring systems or automotive tracking systems.
The fuel level detector
considered as part of the
telematics systems is used:

  • To obtain reliable information about the volume of fuel in the vehicle’s tank.
  • To define the filling volume of the vehicle.
  • To detect theft of fuel in the tank.
  • For remote monitoring of the tank .;
  • To determine fuel consumption

The fuel level sensor transfers information by increasing or decreasing the fuel level or the volume of the tank or control device. The car tracking system with the help of GPS determines the place and time. The user of the system receives the information about changes in the fuel level in the form of parameters or diagrams.

How it works ?

The fuel monitoring sensor is installed in the geometric center of a tank. and it is connected to vehicle tracking / GPS system.

The sensors determine the volume of fuel in the tank and generate the volume of fuel (in liters or as a percentage of full tank) in the output message.

The fuel level sensor transmits information about the increase or decrease in fuel level or volume in the tank to the tracker.

Vehicle tracking system with the help of GPS determines location and time. The user of a system receives information about changes in fuel level in the form of parameters or graphs. Refueling or theft of fuel is presented in visual form.

Fuel filling  : Determine the date, place and volume of fuel filled but also the initial level before filling

Fuel Theft: Detect the date, place and amount of fuel stolen from the tank.

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