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CANCrocodile is designed for secure reading of vehicle CAN bus data. The contactless reader is used in vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems to receive various vehicle operating parameters from CANbus: speed, rpm, oil pressure and temperature, fuel volume and consumption, etc.

The data is read without an electrical connection and without damaging the CAN wires. CANCrocodile works only in “listen” mode, that is, it does not modify the original J1939 messages and does not send any signal to the CAN bus.


Engine time monitoring according to CAN data

Monitoring of fuel consumption from CAN bus data

Reading of engine parameters from the CAN bus.

Secure connection to the CAN bus

CANCrocodile does not damage the wires and does not have direct electrical contact with the CAN bus. Data reading is contactless – CANCrocodile detects the magnetic field around the CAN-High and CAN-Low wires.

Strong fixation of CAN bus wires

The body design ensures that the wires are attached perpendicular to the reading surface. This method of attachment will not allow the CAN bus cables to slip off the CANCrocodile reading surface. A soft pressure pad in the upper part of the housing presses the wires firmly against the reading surface.

LED indication of operating modes

Red indicator – On, green indicator flashing – Messages received from the CAN bus. The indicators allow the reader’s operability to be tested without dismantling or connecting to the monitoring terminal.

1 – Open the CANCrocodile box.

2 – Place the CAN-High and CAN-Low wires in the grooves of the CANCrocodile housing in accordance with the markings on the reading surface.

3 – Close the crocodile case so as to engage the latch. Pass the sealing cable through special holes and seal the housing, if necessary (recommended).

Compatible telematics and GPS units

This table contains information on integration tests of CANCrocodile and various telematics units, performed to confirm data compatibility and accuracy. For more detailed information on connection and configuration, click on the link or logo of the corresponding telematics unit in the table


1 – power “+”

2 – ground “-“

3 – CAN-high

4 – CAN-low



Message loss level at 250 Kbps,%, not more than 1

SAE J1939 compatibility – CAN Open – DeviceNet – NMEA 2000

Nominal supply voltage, V 12/24 5 – on request 12/24 A ++ (low current consumption) – on request

Current consumption, mA for the “5V” version for the “12 / 24V” version for the “12/24 A ++” version 300 – 30/15 – 10/5

Cable length, m 0.7 – 2 – on request

Molex cable connector – bare wires – Special connector (specify when ordering)