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Tracking Software

Tracking software for tracking: your trucks, heavy machinery, motorcycles, buses, delivery vehicles, people, personal property, and animals. The purpose of VTS – the monitor is away from the vehicle’s location control and real-time operating parameters, the accumulation of information in the database and the analytical preparation of user demand reports.

The main features of VTS- Monitor:

  • Operational transport control: to locate on the map and current parameters in real time
  • Fuel monitoring: to control the place, time, volume of recharging, identify the fuel drain, the calculation of the actual fuel consumption on the data collected by the flow meter, the level detector or the CAN bus .
  • Presentation reports: to show the vehicle title using GPS data, traffic segments, and parking points, engine running time. Reports are prepared by the vehicle tracking software, as well as for a car, as well as a group of vehicles.
  • VTS – Monitor is a universal car tracking software that is not attached to any particular tracking device.

A simple, economical and flexible protocol allows you to connect any kind of device operating through communication channels such as GPS, CDMA, SMS and GSM. To be able to use all the features of the software, the vehicle equipment must contain a GPS receiver, a fuel flow meter, a fuel level detector, an engine speed sensor which is not attached to any type of tracking device. A simple, economical and flexible protocol allows you to be connected to all kinds of operating tracking device via GPRS, CDMA, SMS, GSM and an engine speed sensor. It is also possible to use the CAN bus instead of the mentioned sensors.

To work with VTS-Monitor the user must have permanent access to the internet and you will be able to know the location of the operation of your vehicle.

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